Blood will flow(?)

For the first time, a glimpse of two male characters.

Hello everyone, have you all had a nice christmas so far? I certainly have.

Since my Christmas Eve was dealt with yesterday, I have spend most of today playing Galaxy Angel, which has proven to be a really nice experience. Forte is awesome.

Apart from that I have managed to write through one more important scene for Blue Rose. And I must say, looking at the pieces of text that I have written for it today, Blue Rose is turning out to be a bit darker (and bloodier) than I initially thought <_<;; Oops.

I’ll need some cheering up after those scenes. Maybe another round of Galaxy Angel is in order – at least I’ll put on some cheerful music for now.

After finally finishing that part I will be able to begin on some more relaxed scenes again, some that don’t involve any jumping around or fighting. Action can be a pain to write.

Have a great day!

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