Blue Rose full release!

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The final version of Blue Rose has been released! A demo is now also available, for trying out the novel.

Get it now to experience the story of Lena Ehrenfeldt, the Templar who goes M.I.A in the mountains during a mission to escort an important ambassador. Help solve the mysteries of what happens in the lonely village hidden there, throughout 5 different character routes with each a good or a bad outcome.

The full version of the game also includes extra short stories that are unlocked after playing through the game’s different routes, as well as image and music galleries.

All who bought the beta version will recieve an email with instructions to download the newest version.


15 thoughts on “Blue Rose full release!

  1. I was so happy when I woke up and realized Blue Rose, a very close to my heart game, had been released in the full version. I instantly recommended it on my facebook, crying tears of happiness as I did so!!! T
    hank you, thank you, thank you!! This visual novel holds a very special and dear place in my heart! Thank you for releasing the full version!!

    1. It says on his char bio you can’t get him until you have a Good ending with at least one other character. Do that may be why you aren’t getting the response you want.

  2. O.o I got the bad end for Gavin…how’d that happen?

    I’m also not getting Aran at all, even though I got ‘Story 0’ and ‘Secret Lives’, which I’m guessing means I got two good endings? I’ve been reloading from day 4…is that a problem?

    1. I can’t figure out how to get a bad ending for Gavin or Aran. I can only get the good ending or it doesn’t give me the option at the fair. For a good Aran ending just select him every chance you get. If you have access to the scene with the butterflies you can get his ending.

      1. huh. I felt like I did select Gavin all the time…which made Simon go…strange.

        Starting from ch4 was what caused me to not get Aran. Once I really restarted the extra events triggered just fine.

      2. Also could be wrong, but w/ Aran….did you go to the mountain that one night? It at least sounded like just going to bed would keep Lena from having information which was the difference between a good and a bad outcome.

    1. There is an ending that is sort of ambiguous that results in you getting the side story ‘Decoy’

      I’m pretty sure its Happily Ever After, but the perspective shift makes it hard to say. There’s also a sudden shift in the tone of the conversation on the mountain that makes me think the ‘bad’ ending goes much worse.

  3. I’m having a really hard time with Arram. I got the scene with the butterflies and he saves me but after that I can’t find anyway for him to show up again. Do I have to ignore everyone as much as possible or focus on someone in particular?

    1. If he doesn’t show up at the festival, then you didn’t get on his route. Most likely you have spent to much time with another character.

      You need to even your time out between them, and otherwise try and ignore them, yes.

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