…. I hope.

It’s about time I make another update about the AO game I guess. Lately I have been pretty stuck, so not much has happened – somehow I just couldn’t get any further with the remaining CG’s. At least all Tia’s CG’s are now finished, so I don’t have to worry about her anymore.

Today I managed to get another one of Yoko’s CG’s out of the way, though. I’m not all pleased with it, but the lineart itself was kind of bad to begin with, and there’s a limit to what colours can save…. In the end I found another technique for spiffing up CG colouring by complete coincidence, and with that I made the finished picture look a little more bearable. Now I have declared it as finished, and with that I hope to have broken through the wall that was standing in my way – next up is colouring another CG with an annoying amount of background in it, and then getting some lineart finished…….. *sigh*

I’m finding it really hard to live up to my own expectations with this. Looking back at the finished CG sets, there are a few that I would like to redo as well. At other times I just tell myself that I have to live with some crappy art here and there.

I want this game to look great, but at the same time I feel that the story is inferior, and then maybe it doesn’t even deserve for me to work so hard for the graphics.

Hmmm this is tough…. I’m still hoping to get this game released this summer though, so let’s hope I can get my act together.

3 thoughts on “Breakthrough!

  1. *nodnod* My stuff always turns out being less good than I imagined in my head. But don’t worry, that’s just because you’re the creator. XD I’m sure if somebody else saw it, they’d think it was good. ^_^

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