Elusive Aran: Some hints

Since releasing Blue Rose, I have received many requests for guides and help with obtaining Aran’s ending.

While this is not an actual walkthrough, here are some hints for those who are still stumped.


First thing to keep in mind is that there is no way to access Aran’s route until you have completed at least one other ending. Only after this will Aran begun to appear on the map, and you will get a new conversation choice with him as well.


Up until the festival on day 11, there is no single solution on how to get on Aran’s route, apart from visiting whenever you get the chance.

What you have to do do though, is make sure your affection points with other characters never get too high! Aran is a sensitive guy you know, he’ll run off if you get approached by others! (Is that really why?)

Spread out your activity with other characters as much as possible when unable to ignore them, or choose responses they won’t like.

On the day of the festival you will know if you succeeded when the elusive man finally shows himself!

If another character like Gavin approaches you for the dance instead, or you get the dreaded choice between Simon and Erin, then you’ll know you got too many points with either of them. Better luck next time.

Of course, after getting him to visit the festival, there is still the challenge left of getting that good ending!

I hope these points help out anyone who are still struggling with catching the lizard man.



3 thoughts on “Elusive Aran: Some hints

  1. Hello
    I don’t know I I’ve a good ending with Aran


    In the end erin et gavin went to mountains. they see 2 persons.
    It’s a good ending ?

    1. Im having troubles too. If anyone can summarize the good end, I would really appreciate it. Please PM me, if needed.

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