Off to market!

This weekend I’ll be going to a nearby city to set up a stall at a craft fair. 

During October last year I was meant to do something similar, at a retro game festival, advertising my own little game and some of my illustration work. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, as I got stranded that weekend by the biggest storm in 100 years. Typical. 

It made me eager to try something similar elsewhere without having to wait another year though, so when I saw tables available for this fair, I went for it and bought a spot just before they all sold out.

Running stalls and artist alley tables is something I’ve always wanted to do more of, so it will be good to dip my toes in and get some practice. On the other hand this is a craft fair, and not a gaming or art event, so many of my products are going to be a bit hit and miss with the general theme. I’ll be bringing some newly made sticker sheets that I hope will fill that gap, as well as my colouring pages and illustration prints. 

The retro game festival was also going to feature some neat handmade things for my digital products, such as little game boxes and flyers, and I had a lot of fun with making those – so hopefully that still counts… more or less. If anything, this has been a nice excuse to mess with making more physical products again, and I’m generally approaching it as a training exercise, whether it finds much success or not.

For now, I’ll be going back to my rush of last-minute preparations that I of course put off for far too long, and we’ll see how it goes! See you on the other side!

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