On the drawing table

Thought it was about time I made a post about something else than playing games. So here’s an update on the projects I’m working on right now!

First are the last CGs for my Angelic Orbs game. I’m happy to say that the lineart for all CGs are now done! I only need to colour the last few pieces now. Most likely I’m going to have to repair some more of the old ones some more though.

Secondly is the comic itself – I’m slowly working towards the point where I can safely start updating again. In case you’re curious, 16 pages of part 3 is already done… I like being ahead.

And lastly is the artbook I have in mind for the AO game and comic. What you are seeing a glimpse of is a picture of ninja-girl Yoko in a flashy costume (the one she has in the game is a bit lame, I confess).

Not much with colour at the moment ^^; Before I get that far, I have to finish up a commission I just got recently. Yes, I really do work on too many things at the same time….

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