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A post on M12’s blog challenged his readers to post about their otaku merchandise, and I thought that I would take up the challenge for once. So here goes.

A lot of figurines and manga have piled up over the years… so instead of showing off every little thing, I have picked out a few of my favourites, and a few of the most nerdy things in my collection. The one in the banner is one of my figurines actually – I doubt that any casual Tsukihime fan nows who Phantasmoon is, so I’m counting that as a true otaku possession 😛

We’ll start with artbooks:
The Disgaea artbook is my newest one, and I love it to pieces. The art in that game is just awesome. Too bad that most of the books is filled with strategy guides I can’t read instead of pictures 😛 A FFVIII strategy guide snuck in here too… just because I love that game so darn much. Yeah, it’s not very otaku-ish, but whatever.
I have a few other artbooks than these – the two Clamp North/South side books and two old Magic Knight Rayearth books. I really need more artbooks…

Visual Novels are pretty nerdy among anime fans I think, so here are a few of my favourites:
Especially the Monochrome game is nerdy, since I have it lying around without being able to play it. I just hope that some day my PS2 will be able to play import games….
Besides these I also have Kanon Standard edition All ages (what a long name o_O), Yo-Jin-Bo, Hourglass of Summer, Animamundi and Phantom of Inferno.

This is the most expensive dvd box I have ever bought (and probably will buy) @_@ I pre-ordered it from Japan back when it was new, and had to pay a lot of costums too… argh. But it’s a great movie, and the box looks awesome. My beloved watch I bought at a danish con.

Next up is:
Lycée cards! I have a weakness for pretty cardgames, so I just love these. Isn’t it just cool? It’s cool….

And last up is my nerdy cellphone with Ever17 content all over it. It even has You screaming “message! message! sausage!?” everytime someone write me a message. And a “Hologramm” ringtone. Heh.
Can anyone guess which japanese manga are stacked up behind it?

That’s about it for now. Hope I didn’t bore you too much – I promise I’ll try and actually write something about my game’s progress next time 😉

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