It’s the 1. September. That means summer is officially over, and I didn’t manage to get the AO game out during summer as I had planned ._.
I progress news, I just recently managed to fix Tia’s entire sprite set. Now check this out: Tia has a total of 33 sprites. 33! I nearly died, having to go through all of those @_@ Tia has the most expressions to begin with, and on top of that her sprite set has a couple of variations for some of those expressions. And since she was the first sprite set I made, it is also the most unorganised one. In comparison Yoko, the female lead with the fewest sprites, has only 9 expressions in total.

Oh, and today was my first day at my new work as well.

All together now...
All together now...

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  1. Don’t worry about it- My project uses only one character image (which is already completed), and I still haven’t completed it. Then again, I haven’t been working on it.

  2. Oh I was wondering if there was like a Renpy community I could join up here or a Lenma soft forum, I haven’t completed my first game yet, but I would still like to join.

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