Silence before the storm

So, about time I actually showed some real art from Blue Rose. Except it’s still only lineart!

But here you have the main cast of the game – the protagonist Lena in the front, and all the pursue-able characters around her:

Click for larger image

Aran is being all mysterious in the back, turning his face away from the audience. Not to make him super mysterious or anything, but he’s never been that close with the rest of the group anyway! You’ll get to see what he actually looks like later…

Character names from left to right: Gavin, Lena in front, Aran in the back, Erin, Tobias looking annoyed in the front and lastly Simon.

Now back to drawing art that actually appears in-game…

5 thoughts on “Silence before the storm

  1. I agree with Ayu there 😛
    They seeem like an interesting cast ^^

    If you want a piece of art critique, you could polish the anatomy, some proportions seem a bit weird. also, love the composition! I never seem to be able to draw group shots at all!

    1. Ah yes, I seriously don’t practice those things enough. I was close to scrapping this several times, if not for the fact that it is rare for me to come up with good group drawings as well ^^; But no one wants to hear the artist whine, so…

      Thanks ^^ I’m happy you think so!

      1. Yeah, I know the feeling xD

        You should whine as much as yuou want, you have the right to do so! 😛 (I just like knowing I’m not the only one struggling to come up with things “Orz)

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