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Returning to the original purpose of this blog, here is a short progress update on the game.

All Yoko’s CGs are now coloured and done. In principle, the same can be said about any other character in the game – all images are now in a finished state! I could actually release this if I wanted to! But I don’t! Ha!
Two CGs still need to be rehashed, although I don’t believe a complete remake of them is necessary. Not if I’m lucky…. I may have to redraw an entire sprite set though. *Shot*

Also, even though the music for the game is also completed, I need to get a few of the tracks in their polished and final versions. Yay, another good excuse for being slow 😀
I also want to have another look at the text, but at this rate the game will never be finished… so I may just want to ask for proofreaders soon.

I’m off!

Transforming Tia

Transforming Tia

Having some time between my last commission and another big project coming up, I’m working on getting some more CGs finished. Some of that work has consisted of fixing or redrawing a couple of old CGs. One of these are safe to show here, since it was one of the first screenshots I ever showed anyone from the game – here you can see the old and new versions of this picture:

The date of the old picture says “3.-10.-07”, almost a year ago. I guess that means that you can see almost a years improvement between those two images. I find it kind of strange myself to look at these pictures – it doesn’t feel like so much should have changed in that time, but that new picture is still a huge improvement. There is still so much left to learn though…

I hope that doesn’t mean that the images in the game will vary too much in quality ^^; I’ll try my best to avoid this. Fortunately that picture was one of the worst in the bunch.

Apart from that I can happily say that all linearts for the CGs are done at this point. I only need to colour 3 more, and get the last piece of music!

I’m such a slowpoke…



Time for some kind of progress report on the AO game.

Since the only thing I have to do at the moment is finishing the art for the game, there rarely is anything new to talk about. I got a composer to help me with the game a short time ago though (Alessio), and he has sent me a few samples to demonstrate what he’s doing. It sounds great already, so I’m really looking forward to what my game will be like with music and everything in it ^^ (He’s also the first person to actually play the game.)

On the art front I finished the lineart for a couple of Zyra CG’s today, and finally pulled myself together to fix the “front” pose for Yoko. You can see the difference here – I believe it helped a lot:

Now she doesn’t look like a gorilla anymore….. Instead her head looks a bit huge. But I noticed that almost all my sprites have huge heads, so maybe it blends in <_<;;
I also noticed an error on her sideways pose now. Sigh. I don’t know if I will fix it….

Yoko: Why is it always my sprites that are broken….?

Tia: I don’t know…. maybe because Vatina isn’t as used to draw you as the rest of us?

Yoko: …. I have disgraced myself.

Tia: Nah, lighten up Yoko!

…… …….


Tia: Wait, where are you going….?

Tia: Nooo stop Yoko! let go of that sword!




I really should update here more. Maybe that could also motivate me a bit.

Something with the complete opposite effect though, is when I come across blogs or sites like this: No Boys Allowed
Looking at that can really make me feel like my game is pure crap 😛 Seriously, just look at those screens with the school and all the girls on the streets…. gah….

I guess something that would really help my game along would be to have some proper backgrounds, instead of just edited photographs. I need a lot of BG’s though… it’s an impossible task, really. I still wonder what I should do about the last two BG’s that I need.

But what about progress on the actual gamemaking? Not much. I have finished a couple of CG’s, and I have just spend quite some time creating a special ‘swoosh’-ing effect for the battle scenes. It’s finally starting to look good, but I am getting worried about the filesize of the picture needed for this effect. If I don’t watch out, this game is going to be way too huge. Oh well, maybe I can do without the effect in the end, if I can’t make it smaller in size. It would look good if I made it work though…

Oh well. Better get back to work.


AO 2 page 17 and 18 (b/w)

AO 2 page 17 and 18 (b/w)

Pages 17 and 18 are up.

I need your oppinion! As you may have noticed, these two new pages are both b/w lineart only. I have been considering this for a while, and even though changing styles in the middle of everything is a little weird, I still did it in the end.

Now, what would you prefer?

1) I keep updating as usual with shaded pages, like page 16 is, with the danger of me missing some updates. So far I have been able to keep up pretty well, but it gives me less time to actually draw future pages…..


2) I update with these b/w pages, and sometimes I will return and re-upload old pages to new shaded versions (without stalling the actual updating schedule of course). This way consistent updates will be easier, and I may also update with more than one page a time as well.

Now, please don’t reply with “whatever you want/think is best”, because I want to know what you prefer 😛

AO 2 page 16

AO 2 page 16

Page 16 is now up.

Yay for lame bg shading ^^;
Keeping motivated about getting pages ready for each update can be hard sometimes… Compared to when I was working on my contest entry, I had a set goal back then and got a lot of work done in a short time. Without that, I tend to slack off way too much <_<;; And I haven’t really been able to set another goal that matters.
But I’m still keeping up with my updating schedule, so I guess it’s not a problem 🙂 (yet).

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