I really should update here more. Maybe that could also motivate me a bit.

Something with the complete opposite effect though, is when I come across blogs or sites like this: No Boys Allowed
Looking at that can really make me feel like my game is pure crap 😛 Seriously, just look at those screens with the school and all the girls on the streets…. gah….

I guess something that would really help my game along would be to have some proper backgrounds, instead of just edited photographs. I need a lot of BG’s though… it’s an impossible task, really. I still wonder what I should do about the last two BG’s that I need.

But what about progress on the actual gamemaking? Not much. I have finished a couple of CG’s, and I have just spend quite some time creating a special ‘swoosh’-ing effect for the battle scenes. It’s finally starting to look good, but I am getting worried about the filesize of the picture needed for this effect. If I don’t watch out, this game is going to be way too huge. Oh well, maybe I can do without the effect in the end, if I can’t make it smaller in size. It would look good if I made it work though…

Oh well. Better get back to work.