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Give me endless mode!

Give me endless mode!

I just love Rorona's running animation!

One thing that really saddens me when playing Atelier Rorona, is that the time restraints really limit what you can do. There are so many possibilities in that game, but you have to replay the same parts over and become awesome at time management to do them, and then you still have to settle for certain goals that you want to pull through.

This gives the game a great challenge, but at some point it gets too frustrating. What I really wish Rorona had, was an unlockable endless mode. A sort of sandbox that you could play through after finishing the game, trying out the harder dungeons and searching for those recipes you never really had time to get before, levelling characters and just plain experimenting with all the cool features.

Then when you get tired of that and want a challenge, you can start over and chase down that elusive ending you always wanted.

I feel like playing the game a little more casually, exploring all the possibilities. Just starting the game over from scratch and race through it again is a bit… meh.

Why must you torment me so, Rorona!?



The 14th February 2008 12Riven will be released in Japan. Being a huge fan of Ever17, I have really been looking forward to this game. I would love to get my hands on this game even though my PS2 still can’t play imported games. From looking at the pictures and listening to the music on the homepage for 12Riven it has brought me back to the same mood that I got from playing Ever17. I can’t resist that.

I must admit that my Japanese skills still aren’t good enough yet either, though. If 12Riven has as much technical talk in it as Ever17 had, then I doubt I will be able to go very far with my reading skills. (It was hard enough to understand in English sometimes :P)

I’m still hoping for Hirameki to be able to get Never7 and Remember11 translated into English, but as it looks now, we probably shouldn’t expect anything there at the moment. They have been silent for so long. Wouldn’t it be nice though? *crosses fingers*

Seriously, I need to draw some more Ever17 fanart. It is so underrepresented among all the Naruto fanart out there 😉

But oh well. I still have the rest of Comic Party to work my way through after Mizuki’s path, so it’s not like I don’t have anything to play <_<;;

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