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AO: Fallen Star progress update

AO: Fallen Star progress update

It’s time for a more concise report on how work on Angelic Orbs: Fallen Star is going. (For those not entirely sure what the deal is with this game, head over here for a general overlook at what it is.)

Anyway here we go, as this is the first one, it will be a bit long…:

The script itself has been done for quite a while. There has been some trouble with gaining a reliable editor, but outside of that it should be pretty much done, bar a puzzly section that I think needs some cropping down to become less frustrating for players. Development focus is therefore now on creating art assets, as well as coding all parts together.

I have been working on sprite sets for the main characters of the game on livestreams lately, and have more than half of the most important ones done so far.

In the case of how many poses and variations each sprite gets, I’ve gone with the same general principle as I did with Blue Rose: The core set of main characters get at least 2 different base poses each with their own set of variations, while less important side characters get just one to keep things manageable, unless something really demands an extra for story reasons.

In reality this means that for almost all of the core characters, actually 3 poses are needed. There are many action-based scenes in Angelic Orbs, and outside of normal poses and variations, one is needed for such confrontations as well. And let’s not talk about someone like Tia, who requires different sets of clothes, wings and disguises as well…

If you’re interested in how I do these things in practice, feel free to hop by my stream on fridays where I always work on game art, or have a look at the archive of previous art streams.

I am thinking of making another blog post on the nitty gritty of sprite creation as well, or at least of how much I know of it, in the future.

I have started work on a few of the scene illustrations as well, commonly known as CGs. Mostly those needed for the prologue of the game, with the aim of having some mostly-finished version of that to use as a demo. Some of these have also been made on stream, though at some point I imagine that a lot of these will have to made offline, so as not to spoil future events. There is still a lot of work to be done here.

But then what about backgrounds? So far all I have are placeholders, quick sketches made by myself to generally indicate what needs to be there, so I can get an idea of scene setups as well as what I’ll need to have as finished background art in the end. I will almost certainly be outsourcing this, as drawing and colouring character art is already taking a sizeable amount of time, and background art is not my forte either way. Hopefully I will soon be able to start reaching out to other artists for this.

Music is another thing I wish to outsource for Angelic Orbs. Composing is something I am most definitely unable to do, and while there are many great sources for free music to use in indie games, I still believe that one of the best choices I made for Blue Rose was to get an original soundtrack. I hope to be able to gain something similar for Angelic Orbs, creating a personality of its own.

There is still no composer connected to this project, but this will be what I reach out for next, after work on backgrounds has been settled.

As you can see, Fallen Star still has a lot of work ahead of it. Having a script ready is important as it is what sits at the heart of any visual novel, but is still far from a finished product. I’m aiming for this to be the year where I can hammer most of the bases of the game into place, and finally see things coming together properly.

In terms of art and sound, a lot of this will also set the base for the next Angelic Orbs games to come, even if those will also have bucketloads of new assets to be made. But especially because of this, I feel that it’s important to get these fundamentals in place, so everything can come together as a great whole.

Here’s hoping we can create something great for you all in the coming months!

Getting closer…

Getting closer…

The final version of Blue Rose is coming up, and here are some of the things that will differ from the beta:

– Several instances of typo and grammar mistakes found by testers fixed.

– A flag that didn’t activate properly when aided by Aran in the mountain mission will now do it’s job properly.

– CG and music gallery, as well as a collection of unlockable short stories.

– Finished menus and UI.

– Intro movie.

The final release has not been finished as fast as hoped (as usual), but this gives you all a little longer to get it at a reduced price as well.

The Evil that is Princess Maker 4

The Evil that is Princess Maker 4


So I just received Princess Maker 4 for the PSP in the mail today. Playing the old PM2 DOS version with no sound was getting boring, so when I found this version for cheap, I thought “why not?”. Now I get shiny graphics and voices!

Unfortunately I get easily addicted to management games like this one, and ended up spending my time marathoning through this game today. And here’s a little about what the game is like (there will be a few minor spoilers, but it’s not like the story in these games is that deep).


The story starts out traditionally – the world is ending, and a hero shows up, saving the day by slaying the demon boss. (Only this time it’s a woman doing the slaying – woo!).
Travelling the world the protagonist hero, now all alone, is handed a small girl in a forest. He is asked by his former lover (the demon-slaying superwoman) to raise this child, and he agrees.

Now the game begins with a diabetically cute little girl only 10 years old. A lot of people shy away from Princess Maker games, saying that it borders on the pedophile. I don’t believe so. It’s a fun game with and interesting concept, and I know for a fact that a lot of females enjoy playing them as well. But I still feel like doing a head-desk when that little girl says that her dream is to “marry her papa”. -_-;;


Differently from the old Princess Maker 2 that I played last, this version is filled with events and pretty CG’s. The daughter also has a wide range of friends that she gets to interact with. And as she grows a little older, potential grooms show up – yay, this game has bishies!!

Since I used to do well at the warrior route back in the days, I decided to try my luck at that here as well. I keep loosing the battles at the festival though ._.
I run into a guy called ‘Charles’, riding a white horse. He claims being a knight, but keeps running away from someone. It’s not hard to figure out why.

My daughter ‘Rio’ grows up – soon she meets Charles as the castle as well, and spends a couple of christmasses with him. For once I actually manage to both do well with her warrior training, and also get all the way up to the queen and king when visiting the castle! Things are going well, I think! I even manage to win the final tournament!

The great day arrives – the day of the dancing party when Rio is 18 years old. She and her friend goes to the castle to finally see the prince. While Rio waits in excitement, she sees that the prince is, in reality, Charles (as if we didn’t know that already).
The prince smiles, and comes walking towards Rio and her friend. ‘Yes!’ I think. ‘This is it! I finally got the Prince Ending!’

“Would you like to dance?” he asks.
“Oh yes!” answers the friend.


Next we see mr. prince and Rio’s childhood friend dancing around, while hearing Rio think about how happy she is for her friend.

Poor Rio ends up alone, and goes out to fight in the war. She becomes some hero or something.

So now what? Screw the prince! Next time I’ll go to Dark Town and go after that red-eyed bishie I saw there. Yeah.




I’m sorry for falling off the face of the internet for a while! My new job sucked up a lot of my time, but especially the death of my laptop has been the cause of this. Recently I got my laptop back in great shape, and life can continue once again.

Which means I have an announcement! Everyone go join Vjutsu.com, the new community centered around the Vjutsu doujin-group, of which I am the artist 😀 See that cute ninja up there? She’s asking you to go… no, asking would be too kind of a word. She’s ordering you to!

See you there 🙂

The charge of the otomes!

The charge of the otomes!

Yeah, the title is lame….

Anyway, it looks like otome games are charging forward recently. Not only is a lot of BxG companies in Japan creating new otome game branches (making stuff like Circus’ new Da Capo for girls), but a lot of visual novel-style games for girls are popping up in english as well.

There was the indie game Fatal Hearts by Hanako Games, then Idea factory began a survey with interest in localising their otome games, I just read about a german “dating game” with a female lead yesterday, and then right afterwards I heard that “Dragon Academy” was finally released on Go! Comi‘s website…..

Dragon Academy looks like it could be interesting. So far there is a free prologue and the first episode up for download on their site. The episode costs $7.99, but I heard that it’s very short.
The art looks pretty good so far (I only tried the free, very short prologue), although I do feel like they didn’t make as much of an effort on the drawing the main character as they did on the male characters.
One of the features in the VN is that when you get to make choices, you have to choose the feelings that she responds with (Sad, angry, and so on). But when you hover your mouse over the expressions, you can read the corresponding sentences that she will say, so in general it’s not very different from how you usually play these kind of games.
I can’t say much about the story yet, though I do hope that there will be more to this game than just an excuse to hunt after hawt boys. We didn’t really get to see any of these boys in the prologue either, except for in the short movie clip in the end. On my computer that flash movie was very much out of synch, which kind of ruined it, by the way.
Looking on the Team page, you can see the three girls working on the game. Hmm, I wonder how they got into that business…..

As for the german game, Dating Day…. I heard about that about a year or so ago, but then forgot again. Looking at the website, it’s not something that appeals to me very much. Generally seems like a plain dating sim with minigames, and the art really puts me off. I’m not a very big fan of that kind of cartoon style.

On the other hand, if you’re not into otome games, there’s not much else than hentai games to go for on the visual novel front…..

And now, I’ll get back to the drawing board…. working on my BxG game…. 😉



…. I hope.

It’s about time I make another update about the AO game I guess. Lately I have been pretty stuck, so not much has happened – somehow I just couldn’t get any further with the remaining CG’s. At least all Tia’s CG’s are now finished, so I don’t have to worry about her anymore.

Today I managed to get another one of Yoko’s CG’s out of the way, though. I’m not all pleased with it, but the lineart itself was kind of bad to begin with, and there’s a limit to what colours can save…. In the end I found another technique for spiffing up CG colouring by complete coincidence, and with that I made the finished picture look a little more bearable. Now I have declared it as finished, and with that I hope to have broken through the wall that was standing in my way – next up is colouring another CG with an annoying amount of background in it, and then getting some lineart finished…….. *sigh*

I’m finding it really hard to live up to my own expectations with this. Looking back at the finished CG sets, there are a few that I would like to redo as well. At other times I just tell myself that I have to live with some crappy art here and there.

I want this game to look great, but at the same time I feel that the story is inferior, and then maybe it doesn’t even deserve for me to work so hard for the graphics.

Hmmm this is tough…. I’m still hoping to get this game released this summer though, so let’s hope I can get my act together.



Time for some kind of progress report on the AO game.

Since the only thing I have to do at the moment is finishing the art for the game, there rarely is anything new to talk about. I got a composer to help me with the game a short time ago though (Alessio), and he has sent me a few samples to demonstrate what he’s doing. It sounds great already, so I’m really looking forward to what my game will be like with music and everything in it ^^ (He’s also the first person to actually play the game.)

On the art front I finished the lineart for a couple of Zyra CG’s today, and finally pulled myself together to fix the “front” pose for Yoko. You can see the difference here – I believe it helped a lot:

Now she doesn’t look like a gorilla anymore….. Instead her head looks a bit huge. But I noticed that almost all my sprites have huge heads, so maybe it blends in <_<;;
I also noticed an error on her sideways pose now. Sigh. I don’t know if I will fix it….

Yoko: Why is it always my sprites that are broken….?

Tia: I don’t know…. maybe because Vatina isn’t as used to draw you as the rest of us?

Yoko: …. I have disgraced myself.

Tia: Nah, lighten up Yoko!

…… …….


Tia: Wait, where are you going….?

Tia: Nooo stop Yoko! let go of that sword!

A new milestone reached!

A new milestone reached!

Yesterday I finished inserting the script and programming of AO: Glass Wings! Yay!

All that is left now is (a lot of) art, and of course the music. This will probably take a while, since I’m really slow a colouring…. but at least I have a working game now, that’s kind of amazing.

And now for the fun stuff – the Lint report:

The game contains 4889 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 50443 words.
For an average of 10.3 words per screen.
The game contains 17 menus.

I didn’t know it would reach 50.000 words, so I’m very pleased with that ^^ And a very short scene still need to be fixed and re-inserted, but it won’t change a lot.

Here’s some W.I.P art for you:

Deep in the forest….

Deep in the forest….

Hoorray for Photosh… uh, Paintshop Pro.

Since I can’t draw proper BG’s, especially not the amount needed for Glass Wings, I use slightly altered photos all the way. I’ve been able to use pictures I took myself almost all the way through, with a few exceptions inside the mansion.

But not long ago I added a couple of scenes that made me come a couple of BG’s short… and I still have trouble with them. In the end I tried making a photo manipulation for the a scene in one of the paths, where the characters rest at a small ruin in the forest. take a look at the evening version:

It looks like a lego-set or something 😛 Oh well, I guess it works… in an odd sort of way….
Obviously I’m no good at photo manips.

I’m still having problems with the last CG for the final battle. In the end I may have to rewrite the whole scene to make it fit whatever I have lying around. *Sigh*…….

Oh, and I’m almost done coding Zyra’s path. That means I can look for a musician in the not so distant future.

PS: I really need to add links for the other Lemmasoft blogs like others have done – I’m sorry >_< It’s just because I’m so lazy…. but I’ll get it done….

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