What is Eye of D’akess?

“Do you hear it….?”
“Do you feel it… pulling you ever closer.”
“Calling you towards the one thing… that you must find.”

Eye of D’akess is a small “short story” RPG, focused on letting the player play through a self-contained story in a few hours. 

The Story:

The story centers around two people: Ricki Alena, the girl who has come across the map and begins the search for its secrets, and Edmund Willis, a local young man who decides to help her find her way there.

As the journey takes them from Edmund’s home town and into the untamed wilderness beyond its borders, old secrets long forgotten are uncovered once more. To the depths of the ruins of D’akess…


A 2D rpg with turn based combat, Eye of D’akess takes the players through level 1 to a maximum of 20 as the characters traverse through the different areas of the game, fighting monsters and navigating their surroundings to reach the end.

When is it out?

Some time this year, 2022!

All the other stuff:

Eye of D’akess is intended as a small rpg story experience that can be played through without spending 10+ hours, and forgetting where you even got to last session. There is no endgame to grind for, nothing that changes on a second playthrough. What you see when you play it to the end the first time is the full and finished experience.

It is also very much a passion project starring one of my own favourite, personal characters going on an adventure – an adventure I can only hope that others will also enjoy taking her on. 

The game is made in RPGmaker MZ, with many of its graphical assets created ground-up by myself. If you ever wonder how such a small game can take a good while to put together, this is why! Don’t try this at home, kids! (Actually, please do. You’ll learn a lot!)

While Eye of D’akess is still under development, you will often find me working on parts of the game live on Twitch, most often on fridays. If you’re curious in any way, feel free to stop by and say hello, and ask any questions you might have!

Until then, please look forward to Ricki and Edmund’s little journey.

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