And so I got a Good End and my sappy romantic scene in the Princess Nightmare game. Then I realised that the credits roll was filled with spoilers for the other routes! Aaaaaargh! *Has spoiler-phobia*

When you get on the right route, the game is a lot longer than I thought compared to the early Sad ending I got with Shinji. Like, twice as long or something like that.
Too bad I still have to get vampire endings before I can go for Shinji again… looks like the story is throwing hints that Shinji’s route will be quite climatic. I mean, I even saw Mephistopheles for a short moment.


I hate that guy. At least he’s drawn a lot better here than he was in Animamundi 😛

Radou here I come! And yeah, I need to write about something else soon….

7 thoughts on “*Smack*

  1. Hehe don’t worry, I haven’t turned into a guy yet by playing galgames 😀 Although I can imagine some of the fanservice being unsettling xD (Or just give you a good laugh)

    Maybe you can try it out sometime when the translation is out 😉

  2. Thanks for the warning about the..er…spoilerish credit rolls. I was thinking of ordering this a while ago, but the timed choices didn’t appeal to me.
    How is Little Dracula as a protagonist?

    And I also groaned a little whenever Mephisto would show up in Animamundi and that awful chanting BGM would start playing ><”.

  3. No problem ^^ And hello!

    Hmm I think she’s ok. A very up-beat and positive kind of person, a little naive sometimes though 😛

    Yeah, the timed choices can be a little annoying…

  4. xD Haha I felt the same when I played it and then the credits went by. It sort of shocked me that they did that though but oh well.

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